Restoring historical data from corrupted DB

I noticed recently that I don’t have energy information past Feb 19th of this year. After trying to figure out where does home assistant store the data, I realized that there is db file ‘home-assistant_v2.db.corrupt.2024-02-19T18:16:50.949876+00:00’. I attempted to export energy-only data and then to import it to the actual db. I was successfull on that but, energy dashboard still doesn’t have the missing data

SQL used to export data from corrupt database

FROM statistics st
JOIN statistics_meta sm on = st.metadata_id
and sm.unit_of_measurement IN ('Wh', 'kWh') -- only energy records
and >= 3825677 -- the very first record of data from EmporiaVue sensors
and st.sum > 0 -- don't care about 0s

Imported into existing database by
sqlite> .read energy-import-from-corrupt-2024-04-24.sql

What am I missing here?