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I have added several automation devices to my daughters room. She has a Shelly 2.5 to control her ceiling fan and light, a Hue Bloom, a Hue White bulb in a lamp, and a Shelly RGBW2 controlling some RGB strips. I don’t want her to have access to all the devices in the house, just the things in her room. Is it possible to restrict a user to only allow control of certain devices? Or maybe restrict to just one group of devices?

You can create different dashboards but I’m not sure how to (or if you can) limit their access to certain users. So that might be something to check into.

But I know that you can create different views (tabs) and then use “Custom Header” (a custom component) to hide all other tabs from that user. I actually use that method right now for limiting user access to only certain tabs and it works good.

Thanks I’ll give it a shot

Big issue I see is that all users see the “Logbook” and from there they can click any item and control it from there…
So you might be able to create a Lovelace view that only one person can see and only add the items you want that person to see/control, but as you cannot seem to “hide” the “logbook” they still have too much access…


Have you found any solution for hiding the logbook to some users?

I’m also interested by this security feature. Giving Lovelace access to a regular user means allow him to spy on me.

Currently, we can hide logbook and history from the side menu in user preference. But there is no security.

I opened a discussion thread in github.

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In response to the OP’s question, build your daughter a tab and then restrict her from all the other tabs using the “visible” parameter in the view. It’s near the bottom of the page here.

In response to @pkrielen, yes, we need the ability to hide Logbook and History! Right now it can only be hidden on a per user/per device level, but the non-admin users can easily go into their user settings and re-enable it.

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No I can still get to the log book from my daughters phone, and I can still navigate around if I dig into the menus. But I doubt shes gonna play around with menus. All she wants to do is turn on and off her lights and change light strip colors, so this method works fine for my needs.

Any possibility of restricting access by entity or device?


Same here, 2 daughters, I created one view each with visible control personalized.
it was Ok until they find the search box to access to any devices :confused:

Do you know how to restrict user access to area or devices ?


same issue here

+1 on feature request

This thread appears to be one of many requests for the same functionality. It looks like the main thread for this feature request is here, where you can add your vote: