Restricting visibility of dashboards by users (not just everyone or admin only)

I’d love to be able to restrict the visibility dashboards to certain users. Currently per default dashboards are visible to all users and then the administrator can restrict certain dashboards to admin only.

However, I’d love the admin(s) to be able to configure dashboards such that only certain users see them. Assume we have dashboard d1, d2, d3 and d4 and users u1, u2 and u3. User u1 is the admin. It would be great if u1 (the admin) could configure it such that e.g.

  • d1 is only visible by u2 (and u1 as the admin of course)
  • d2 is only visible by u3 (and u1 as the admin of course)
  • d3 is visible to all
  • d4 is only visibly to the admin(s)


I bet there is already a feature request for that so search a bit and then vote for it there. It will be far ahead on votes for sure.

Closed as a duplicate. You can vote and comment on this one: