Retrieve bus arrival timings in Singapore with LTA Datamall

Hello! I would like to share my first python project :smile:

One of the most common ways to travel around in Singapore is by public transport, of which buses being the most common. The double decker buses in Singapore are similar to those in London. The Land Transport Authority has a public bus API that can be used to track and determine the bus timings for specified bus stops.

I made a custom component to retrieve specified bus timings for specified bus stops. It can also be installed via HACS:

The API however requires an API key, which can be requested on Datamall.

There may be a few bugs here and there, but generally the component should work fine. Any feedback is appreciated.


thanks. trying it out.

How is the api key entered in HA?
Any format if it is in configuration.yaml?


  • platform: lta
    bus_stop_code: ‘XXXXX’
    api_key: $API_KEY

Will add it in the

To real-time, minute-by-minute JSON about bus arrival times from every LTA Data Mall API is to register and account and get an API key.

It works!!! Thanks for your taking your time to write this out, hormat!!

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Works really well! Looking forward to seeing the multi-stop! Thanks again

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The ha-lta custom component has been updated to allow configuration of multiple bus stops :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Updated. Working well for me.
Thank you Codestian.

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Thanks for coming up with this Integration, will be useful and will integrate this in my Dashboard.

Works well! Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: