Retrieve data from energy panel


I would like to retrieve the consumed kwh per hour from the energy panel and use that in a template sensor. Is that possible?


Hello Nylund,

Do you have a Smart Meter in your home or anything that currently displays this value?

There are several options you can try/use but it does depend on what is available to you. If you’re in the UK and have a SMET2 Smart Meter I’d say the best route would be using the ‘Bright App’ and custom integration (Hildebrand Glow (DCC)).

Yes, I get all the data so I can probably use a utility meter or something else to collect the consumed energy per hour but it would be nice to use the data from the energy panel since it is already there… :slight_smile:

Okay, great.

So are these values coming from a Smart Meter? If so how are you viewing them, on an IHD?

Where about are you Geographically, as I mentioned there is the ‘Bright’ app which will work well but this will not work outside of the UK. But there may be alternatives which can be suggested.

I use this GitHub - psvanstrom/esphome-p1reader
And live in Sweden.

This integration should work well for you then:

P1 Monitor - Home Assistant (

No, probably not because that is for a different solution called the same :slight_smile:

But I already get the data in to home assistant via esphome. It is the 1h accumulated energy consumtion I want.