Retrieve Z-Wave Network Key?

I have 2 door locks that are ZWave so when I added them I had to set a network key but I never added it to LastPass :fearful: :fearful: :fearful:

Is there a way to retrieve my network key?

If not, can I reset it? And if I reset it do I need to re-add my door locks?

Are you using the old deprecated zwave?

if so you can look in the /storage/core.config_entries file and find it there.

Yes I am using the deprecated Zwave.

Where is the storage folder? I remember seeing it but now it appears to be gone???

It’s a hidden folder, you’ll have to turn on ‘view hidden folders’ in whatever OS you’re using to access your configuration.


Ok good to know! I found it in one of my backups.

oops, I forgot to add the dot in the path above.

glad you found it tho.