Retrieving information from protected/ encrypted snapshots

I was using Home Assisstant for about 1,5 year now and put a lot of time and effort into it, although I’m not really into “programming”. So things could be quite hard sometimes.

I always made snapshots after big updates or when big changes were made, but always password protected my snapshots. I had setup a connection via Haaska so this was also saved in the snapshots. But something got corrupted and I’m not able to load the snapshots annymore. After loading new snapshots, I’m not able to reach Home Assisstant.

I already tried another PI, another power supply and a fresh and new SD-card. But the problem still remains. So I guess the only sollution I have to start over somehow. But I would like to get my data from the *.yaml files.

I searched his forum and google for this, and I found several topics about this, but I’m getting verry confused about all these information and topics.

Is it possible to retrieve the yaml files from encrypted snapshots somehow? Loading them into Home Assisstant is not working, since I’m not able to reach it annymore after loading a snapshot (I guess because of these Haaska/ DuckDNS settings).
Or is there a way to get beyond this Haaska/ DuckDNS settings in the config file, and reach it by the static IP adress again?

Hope somebody has a sollution to this!

I’ve managed to restore my latest snapshot, and reach the files using SAMBA in combination with the static IP adress of the RPI. This opened the file folder with the backup folder and the config folder etc. of the Home Assisstant configuration.

I was able to back up the yaml files here, just in case. And to comment out the Haaska settings in the configuration.yaml file and save it. I was then able to reach the Home Assisstant configuration with the static IP again after restart. So guess something got broken with the Haaska or DuckDNS configuration.

I will save my snapshots without password protection from now on!

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