Return limited entities from a device

Hi everyone,
I have created an integration for my AsusWRT router. I need 2 cell phone entities in order that I can track the WiFi connections. The basic integration works fine but it returns many, many unnecessary entities that clutter up my work space.
Here is a copy of the simple integration file:

   username: !secret AsusWRT_user
   password: !secret AsusWRT_pass
     - devices 

As mentioned above, this returns all the devices in my router but I want to limit them to the two cell phones. One I do want returned is: device_tracker.oneplus6
and the other is : device_tracker.iphone6

These entities are returned and do function properly, but how can I rewrite the code above to return only these two entities?? (And maybe in the future a few more but under my control) :upside_down_face:


As far as I know you can’t.

The only thing you can do is disable the other ones that you don’t want.

And that is a feature, not a bug. It was decided a long time ago that we shouldn’t have control over those types of things and all we can do is disable the ones we don’t want. It’s the same with the unifi integration as well. I don’t like it either.