Returning the WLED lights to a previous state

Hi everyone please be patient with me as a complete beginner to home assistant so simple terms to understand please in your answers. Here goes I have a few Wled lights set up around my home and these are currently working with different automation which work fine (simply automations only) but I wanted to create a hen party playlist using a script using Sonos speaker to play the music and I then had the idea of using the Wled lights around the house as party lights using the wled effects to change the state of the lighting again I have managed to achieve this and it’s working well but this is where I am getting a little stuck when I turn off the automation (hen party) I can’t seem to get the wled lights to revert back to there normal day to day settings for the other automations also one of my Wled lights is controlled by a door contact sensor which when opened turns the lights on for a set period of time but if using the (hen party) playlist script and some closes and opens the door again the party light setting is interrupted by the first automation is there anyway over ignoring this first automation when the playlist script is running. Sorry if this is simple stuff to work out but I can’t put my finger on it and would like to know the most efficient way of setting this up so I can learn home assistant more, thanks mark

How often do you host hens parties?

Seems an odd thing to automate for a one off event. Anyway…

We can’t really help without seeing the configuration you have used to implement this. Share the config and format it correctly for the forum.

Also: paragraphs and punctuation dude. Use them. Reading your stream of consciousness was a chore.