Reverse axis direction for color temperature in Philips Hue platform (probably othes too)

At the moment the slider for color temperature has low color temperatures (yellowish tones) towards the right, and high color temperatures (blueish tones) towards the left. I do suspect this is the wrong way round, and an artefact of implementation, not a sensible UI decision for the following reasons:

  1. A bulb icon is displayed on the left (next to the blueish daylight shades). This feels very wrong. In e.g. digital cameras a bulb is the symbol for yellowish color temps, and a sun or fluorescent bulb is the icon for higher color temps.

  2. Not a single piece of software I have ever used had color temperature axis (in K) run from right to left (with higher K on the left). Not the Hue app, nor photo apps.

  3. I suspect this all comes from the implementation choice of “mireds” in the Philips system, which might be sound from a technical point of view, but bad in a graphical UI. “mired” is a rather historical, uncommon unit, one that end users are not used to. On the packaging of light bulbs there are no mired values but K color temperatures (e.g. 2700K for yellowish white bulbs). Even Philips own Hue GUIs hide this implementation detail and mention mired nowhere as far as I can tell, except for developer API documentation.

For these reason please consider switching directions if possible. Or please add another icon for high K color temperatures instead of the bulb icon, maybe even additionally move the bulb icon towards the right.

Since this is not a new implementation I would suggest you post this to github as a issue. =)