Reverse output of log in about tab of home assistant

Home Assistant release (hass --version):

Python release (python3 --version):
Python 3.4.2


Description of problem:
Output of log in about tab of home assistant is at the bottom; reload button on top.

Having the last line of log on top of the output.

Problem-relevant configuration.yaml entries and steps to reproduce:

Traceback (if applicable):
not applicable.

Additional info:
Reverse the output of the log in about tab of home assistant. Some kind of auto reload would be super nice too.
(Most of the time though I use the terminal to inspect logs.)

I also would like the log to be reversed, that way you will directly see the latest log items when opening the Info page.
Now you have to scroll down and then up again if you want to press the reload button.


Hi, I would also like to see newer log entries first in supervisor log!

Yes, Logs in HA work in a really “original” way. Having to always scroll up and down to refresh and check the last entries is really confusing, time consuming and unpractical. I wonder why this weird choice was taken and if there is any good reason to keep it like this.
Adding a refresh button at the bottom of the log would already make things slightly easier.