(reverse)proxy to another (web)server

Hi, is it possible and if so how to use some sort of mechanism in homeassitant (or a docker) container to forward an http session to another server?

Like this:

I am breaking my head around it and all solutions with reverse proxy push me to a certificate but atm I prefer just to only forward to another server.

Why? I have zerotier installed on my homeassitant and would like to reach via homeassistant (or an extra docker container) a server behind home assistant.

Any thought appreciated!


I don’t get it why you make it so complicated?
Yes sure you can setup for example a nginx Webserver with certs and stuff and also configure a redis-server.

But again - why so complicated?

If you want to make a tcp service (e.g HA on port 8123) available on another server, why not using ssh?

On your Home Assisstant Server check the man page for ssh.
Hint: -R



Thank you for you reply. Portforwarding is exactly what I am looking for yes. But how and where should/can I configure that on hassos?

I have no idea about hassos as I don’t use it.
But I guess you can ssh into hassos? I assume hassos is based on any linux distri, that means “ssh” should or can be installed.
You can also automate the connection that you don’t have to deal with passwords for ssh. Like create a key, put the public key in the authorized_keys on the other server and configure the connection in /etc/ssh/ssh_config and use a script for building the connection again if lost.

Or well. You could also connect from the other server via ssh to hassos and use “-L” instead.

Or you can use even openvpn or any other vpn solution for that. But ssh port forward will be the easiest and fastest solution if you never worked with vpns before.

My question is related to homeasssitant/hassos…

I do not want to connect to the other server via SSH, but http/80.