Revert never finishes - Proxmox 8

I would set up HA under Proxmox 8 and follow this guide: Installing Home Assistant OS using Proxmox 8

After telling the setup which file should it back up from, the process never ends (it’s been 8 hours now) It is only a 42 MB backup file.

What can I do to troubleshooot it?

Try this guide on another VM, which gives you full control of everything. You might have better luck.

After finishing with the setup I get the following in console instead of the HomeAssistant console. Any idea where did it go wrong?

Are you using the correct URL to access HA? To me it seems GRUB for some reason is messing things up.

Try to follow my guide if you can as it is detailed. Everyone who has used it in the past had a successful deployment.

i don’t know the url yet. This is what I get if I check the Console on the vm200. As far as i see it from the guide, checking the console on the vm200 should bring up the HA console (which would display the IP too), but I only get the screen attached above

You need to redo your VM then. You problem is UEFI. Follow my guide so you do not have to battle over things that are not very clear on other guides.

is it a problem, that during the VM setup I only have local-lvm for EFI storage and not local-zfs ? I guess, not since the guide shows any of those is okay

yea, now it’s good. thank you. will try restoring my backup now

For EFI you can use lvm, zfs, or whatever filesystem selected during PVE installation.

i’m afraid it’s the same :confused: this shouldn’t take this long. on RPI4 this file was restored in 5 minutes. on the VM (which is on a much better hardware) it’s been going on for like 10 minutes

Sometimes restores can take a very long time. In most instances with restoration issues, I suggest a clean setup from zero, VM → HAOS.

Restores can take a log time or never complete when inconsistencies between hardware cannot be resolved. This is why sometimes it is faster and safer to just start greenfield.

yep, i decided to do that. Thank you for the guide, it is clean, easy to follow and works perfectly. Is it okay by the way that the haos VM uses 63% of memory all the time?

Disregard the Proxmox reported values of VM usage. HAOS does not communicate this info to Proxmox. If you want to see the real stats in HA visit: Settings → System → Hardware.

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