Review of the signal repeaters lay out

Can you guys have a look at my repeater mesh and share your opinions?

  1. Is the strength of 38/64 sufficient between the repeater and coordinator or shall try moving them to another place?
  2. The repeater 1 has no devices connected, any thoughts?

I don’t see any problems. And don’t look to much at the map, it is a bad indication of the quality of your mesh. If your devices work and don’t fall of the network, they work.

Thanks. What do the numbers actualy entail? Why some are 28/46, some 171/175 and some are simply 38?
Is there an article in the knowledge base that explains this?

38 : LQi end-device to router/coordinator
xx/yy LQi router1 to router2/coordinator and vice-versa (router2/coordinator to router1)