Rewiring the house, what light switch and bulbs would you suggest?

Looking to find a good solution for zigbee light switches that allow passthrough or detached mode. Could be either a switch or something like a shelly that could be used with traditional light switches.

The ideal scenario is to be able to use either zigbee or standard bulbs and have the same style light switches all over the house.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated!

What format ? US-style ? EU-style ?

EU-style, I’m based in Spain.

We need to have the house rewired, and the wife insists on having switches for her and guests, so looking for the best options. I like the idea of zigbee as it’s a mesh network and it’s separate to the wifi network.

Currently have some wifi bulbs, but if they’re distant from the router the performance is intermittent.

For zigbee there’s

  • aqara h1
  • aqara z1
  • aqara z1 pro (includes touch gesture you can use for dimming/curtain)

Those Z1 switches look pretty good, but has anyone got them working properly with Home Assistant? I’ve read a couple of posts where it looks like they may be difficult to integrate, some people suggesting they need to connect to the Chinese server from the manufacturer. Do they require a connection to the server in order to work, or just for initial setup?

The Z1s were just integrated into Z2MQTT last month, so any topics so find stating you need to connect to a Chinese server are outdated.

Personally I’m running a bunch of H1Ms with no issues for decoupled mode. Kicking myself for not waiting any longer until the Z1 pros are integrated

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