RF 433 MHz Sonoff Bridge with EspHome Issue

I am not sure if this is a problem with the bridge, EspHome, or with the RF devices. Any insight will be gratefully appreciated. The RF devices I am using (movement/PIR, door/window) are sending more than one code. I am not talking about open/close codes, like for door/window magnetic sensors. For instance the PIR/movement sensor device sends two different codes. It sends the same code for a while and then witches to a different one with no rhyme or reason and then it will go back to the previous code. Same thing with the door magnetic sensors. Do you have any idea why is that this would be happening? Is this a problem with EspHome? Thanks for your input.

With many 433 Mhz devices around it is a good idea to have some spare RTL-SDR with rtl_433 software. It has a widest range of supported protocols and allows to verify the issues similar to yours.

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