RF Bridge not sending signal

Hey guys,

i got the Sonoff RF Bridge R1 running with the latest ESPHome and Portisch firmware.

My problem is that no matter what I do, the box stops sending signals after 1 - 2 commands. After a restart, it works again briefly before it stops again.

The ESPHome log shows that the signals are being sent, but the receiver (awning) is not responding. Is there any other way to look for the problem, or is this possibly even a known problem?

Extract from the log file:

[10:32:24][D][api:102]: Accepted
[10:32:24][W][component:237]: Component api took a long time for an operation (288 ms).
[10:32:24][W][component:238]: Components should block for at most 30 ms.[10:32:25][D][api.connection:1210]: Home Assistant 2024.5.3 ( Connected successfully
[10:32:27][D][rf_bridge:217]: Sending Raw Code: AAB035050812AC0604016802E4209E012323323223232332232332232323233223323232233223323232322323233232233223322332233455
[10:32:31][D][rf_bridge:217]: Sending Raw Code: AAB035050812C00604016802E42030012323323223232332232332232323233223323232233223323232322323233232232323322323233455

As you can see, the commands are triggered but not physically sent.

I don’t have rf-bridge, but I would first verify if signals are not sent like you say, or they are sent but somehow corrupted and not recognized by receiver.

Well, when i reboot the device or just use the original remote, the awning works just fine. So it has to be a sending issue, not on the receiver side

Of course, question was if it stops sending or it’s sending but signal is getting corrupted.

The logs you posted are from right after a restart. I’m assuming that based on the fact that you got the generic “Components should block for at most 30 ms” warning 3 seconds before you sent the command.

What happens when the awnings don’t respond? do you see any Sending Raw Code logs?

Also, double check whether the same command always sends the same raw code, because there’s a difference (E4209E vs E42030) between the first and second commands in your logs. You might be dealing with a rolling code here.

thanks for your answer so far!

So first yes, i see the sending raw code in logs when the awnings don’t respond.

And for second, these are just two different commands - one for open and one for stop. So i didn’t try the same command in that case

Try the same command when it stops responding and post the logs here please.

I have a feeling you’re dealing with a rolling code, at least on the device side. Might be time to start looking at the codes sent from the remote when receiving the same command in ESPHome/Portisch.

Okay, i‘ll do that - bus as i‘ve specified the exact raw string to send, i don‘t think it will differ…

Maybe it‘s a problem with my configuration. At the moment it‘s working and i also get a positive „action ok“ respond then.

What i‘ve changed is i‘ve added a service to sniff raw codes and activated it by calling the service in HA

I think you misunderstand. It’s not the sending part of the code which might be incorrect - it’s the receiving part.

Can you put your RF bridge to learn mode and try to learn the same code multiple times from your remote? If it’s different between one command and another while using the same key on your remote, you’re dealing with a rolling code.

If it’s rolling code, how would it work two times after resetting Esp?

No idea. There’s a black art to IR/RF communication protocols which even Voldemort wouldn’t understand.

Could be anything from the awning accepting the same code twice for the first couple of times, to the RFbridge sending the expected pattern only twice.

The only sure way to narrow it down is to listen to the same command sent multiple times from the original remote. If it’s always the same, then it’s not a rolling code. If it isn’t, then the RFbridge might not have gotten the correct pattern down and you’ve got a bigger issue on your hands.

I think it would be useful to listen what rf bridge is sending after those two first, if anything, but that requires another receiver…

Another simple thing you can do is power the Sonoff Bridge using your best quality power supply to help rule out power issues.

Like use your phone charger. IIRC These things are usb powered.

Rolling Codes are more common on devices that benefit from security. It would be unusual for blinds to use them. Awnings I’m not so sure about but wouldn’t have thought so.

Do I recall correctly that the bridges have an led that lights up when a signal is sent? Can you see that happen?

You may also want to switch logs to verbose mode at this point.

I agree for the power supply. Could be that the separate IC for RF is having power issues.

Real rolling codes wouldn’t behave like this, but no one can prevent cinese tech to implement some custom “rolling code” kind of stuff.

Even if rolling codes are more common in security applications, they are used nowadays also in low cost general stuff. I remember Aldi was selling 10 years ago 4$ RF outlet switches with rolling code. My gate opener is a french made piece of crap, but remote is rolling code.

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From a manufacturer/supplier perspective, an awning isn’t any different from a garage door. I wouldn’t put it past them to use the same chip for both applications and use rolling codes for both.

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