RF button in HA

Hi all! can someone share with me an example to make a switch in HA in order to replace the RF remote of my garage door please?
I am seeing that the remote control is 433mhz so I would like to add my garage door to HA.
Best to all, thanks so much in advance! :slight_smile:

Most garage door don’t have a simple 433MHz remote for security reasons - simple 433Mhz would men anyone wo successfully scanned your code could enter your garage. They have complex encryption that is hard to replicate.

Most door openers have a simple connection where you can connect a momentary switch, which is far easier to automate with, say, as esp8266.

Tell us about your opener mechanism.

I have this controls to open my garage door. Oh I did think about that.
May you share an example of the monetary switch please?

Could you tell us about the motor mechanism etc that opens and closes your door. Make and model or manual or even a photo?

opensprinkler is an example of a commercial (but open source) momentary switch opener. There are plenty more on the forum here.