RF Converter (300-868 MHz) WiFi to Remote

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  • devicetoken
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  • mac

I have found one of these in my ordered at some stage and forgotten about stuff !!

I don’t have any instructions or a box so where can I get the app to have a play with it ??

search safemate2 on appstore if you are using IOS ‎Safemate2 on the App Store

OK, found the Safemate app for android and so far it detects and transmits the signal from my door bell buttons but it won’t detect the rolling code from my awnings.

Was worth a try but the door bell button is picked up with a Sonoff bridge with default firmware and with Tasmota so I’ll stick with that for now.

I’ll keep an eye on this tread to see what happen in the future.

I just got mine in the mail, but I found the current iOS app (as of 5/30/2023) can’t set up the wireless no matter what I try - it doesn’t even show the textbox to enter the Wifi network - it just says “NO WIFI” even though the Privacy settings let it access local devices on the network, etc. So I had to use an old Android phone to set it up.

I see mostly unknown (to me) remote types - I assume popular brands in China. Has anyone found any that work with KeeLoq remotes? The CUSTOM type doesn’t work on any KeeLoq remote I tried.

has anyone able to connect to safemate2 app to HA?

Came here to ask the same question :slightly_smiling_face:

Just thought I’d add to this group that I ended up going with the Somaita garage opener, refer to the link below. It’s a Tuya device so I was able to import it using local Tuya. Was easy to set up and so far is working well.


Hi Bill I wanted to ask your feedback on that Opener please?

I have an older 433.92 ATA PTX4 (Dominator Cobra) remote (old Blue/Pink ones) with rolling codes and the instructions on the Aliexpress page seem to suggest this opener has native support for a series of listed dveices (I am assuming that is 315MHz~390MHz).

However I couldn’t quite work out whether it was trying to say that a host of other devices listed were also supported as long as the Openers receiver could “learn” codes?



Yeah unfortunately the instructions / support are terrible. I put the device I bought into pairing/learning mode and clicked my CAME gate remote infront of ot and it learned it… The process was basically identical to when I recently got extra remotes and had to clone them.

Not sure if this helps? I don’t think they’re correct when they talk about “native support” but I could be wrong.

Thanks Bill,

I had a read of the Amazon experiences with it as well, but can’t really find what I was after. It does say:

Compatible with most mainstream garage door motor brands from 300-390MHz, and also supports DIP pairing.

The 433.92MHz of my system is common and has code learning functions and they ‘suggest’ it works with “older” door openers, but I remain a bit concerned how vague the compatibility claims are.



I have 2 Profalux roller shutters, 868 MHz but not ZigBee. With some colleagues, we’ve just made a hack on a spare remote so that shutters can be controlled with EspHome. If it’s still an issue for you, have a look at this repo. Cheers, S.