RF Converter (300-868 MHz) WiFi to Remote

Is somebody experienced with this RF Converter as sold on AliExpress?

According to the specifications it would be suitable for 300-868MHz. I would like to use it with Home Assistant as an RF gateway to send and receive 868MHz codes.

Not in my side, but I’m interested also if someone else has experiences with it.

It looks like an interesting device but I wonder if it really works at 466 to 868 mhz, that is quite a broad spectrum. If it only works with a phone app I suppose it will not be usable.


Sur le descriptif du produit, il est mentionné que ça marche en local en wifi mais aussi en cloud si on n’est pas à la maison. L’application doit donc détecter le module sur le réseau LAN en local. Il doit donc être possible de pouvoir contrôler le module avec Home Assistant.
Ça m’intéresse beaucoup de dupliquer des télécommandes 868 MHz car Broadlink ne fait que le 433 et mon RFPlayer ne veut pas de mes télécommandes 868 avec le mode Parrot.

Si un développeur peut faire quelque chose, ça serait super!

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Yes i have this device working, just not on home assistant yet,
I can confirm it works 868 and 433. My garage door works with rolling codes this also works (sommer)!
Also you can connect locally, so when internet is down and you are connected with local wifi it also works it needs to be on the same ssid.
Also it works via the cloud when you are not connected to the wifi.

I did some sniffing but coudnt get in the device but it is an esp. So it should be flashable.


Could you post a picture of the device inside to see what component there is in?

The uC should be easy to flash with another firmware but it seems using some chips that I don’t know (at the left and bottom left of the ESP):

Could you zoom on these uC please or post their reference if you succeed in reading these.

bottom left

Here you go, if possible to flash would the rolling code still work?

Thanks, the device use a SI4432 transceiver for the encoding/decoding so not supported by OpenMQTTGateway for the moment.

I’m quite surprised that you are able to sniff a rolling code, are you sure it is?
If yes maybe it is the time to change your garage door controller :slight_smile:

Yes it a sommer 868mhz rolling code

It not that old.

I also use the yet convertert for my entrance gate. My sonoff bridge with tasmota doesn’t pick up the signal but the yet rf converter does. The app gives info that it is sending on 433.82 instead of 433.92.

So that was a welcome suprise.

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so Yet6956WFR version 2 is not supported by hass? Is there any alternative that device working with hass? There is newer

Hi everybody,
new member here; I have this device (V3.0) and want to integrate with Home Assitant?
Has anyone managed to integrate it?
Best regards.

A DYI option: 868 MHz controllers? - #22 by waverider

Hi ! Very interested into this device. I’m looking for 868 MHz converter to use it in HA…
Any feedback on it ?

Exact same issue here, I have those damn Profalux stores running on 868 Mhz and wouldd really love to find a solution comparable to the Broadcom RM4 to handle them. Did you find a better alternative ?

For me it is Bubendorff… same problem


about 1 year ago, I’ve tried this device with it’s Android App to learn a RF remote with 304.25MHz rolling code (a Fanimation remote control CR500 for my Zonix ceiling fan). Surprisingly, it was able to learn the rolling code and it worked. I gave up, because I was not able to find a way to integrate this device.

But I’ve done some research which may be of interest about some details about the used components (beside the ESP-12):

  • NUC029LAN (NuvoTon 32-bit microcontroller with embedded Arm Cortex-M0)
  • SI4432 (Silicon Labs RF transceiver 240-930 MHz)

I would really love to integrate that device in my smart home system but was not able to find a possible solution (I don’t want to use this device with it’s own app, for sure). I successfully use two “Broadlink RM Pro+” but unfortunately the included RF transmitter is only able to use RF 315MHz and RF 433MHz. This is a firmware limitation in the Broadlink device, the used chip would be able to use RF from 190MHz to 1GHz. Also the Broadlink is not able to learn/use rolling codes.

It would be a huge benefit to be able to integrate this “RF Converter V3.0” in smart home systems to be able to support all this rolling code RF devices. I hope that tasmota will be able to support this in the future.


I tried to capture the API call by using Postman and found that the app has terrible design. It is using insecure HTTP. Don’t log in the app on public Wi-Fi. I haven’t had time to dig more. I think you can use the API call to build the integration.

Hi Diamond2, would you mind sharing the information gained from your HTTP request sniffing, sans any sensitive fields. I can intercept req/resp to taoertaicloud-sg.com however all the control requests are done locally, capturing from an android app is a pain. You would save me redoing the same activity