RF Frequency 434.37

I’ve learn a lot about RF and the many ways to integrate into Home Assistant but I’m stuck with this and looking for an idea. I’m using many devices on 433.92 with both an SDR dongle and a generic rf receiver via the GPIO pins. Works great.

I recently purchased a Kidde RF-AC-DC Smoke Detector that transmits on 434.37. Using the SDR dongle and 433_RTL software I can tune into 434.37 and receive the transmissions. Can’t get the generic receiver to pick up on this. Before I do something I’ll regret, is it a matter of adjusting the screw on the board and see if I can change to this frequency?

I haven’t been able to find any of the cheap generic boards that list 434.37 or I would order one and I think that would solve my issue.

Currently I have all RF communications going thru a stand alone raspberry pi & MQTT to Home Assistant but am thinking of adding a new SDR dongle to the Home Assistant Pi just for the smoke detector.

Open to ideas? Thanks

Looking for an RF expert to help me out. Thanks