RF garage door opener with auto-closing

Hi everyone,
i’m new to Homeassistant.
I have a Hörmann garage door. It has a one button remote control. If you press this button, the gate opens and closes again automatically after 90 seconds.

I soldered a relay and a Wemos D1 to the remote control. If you call the URL 192.xxx.xxx.xxx/ein, the relay short circuits and the gate opens.

In Homebridge I used this plugin GitHub - andreaseu/homebridge-garage-remote-http: Homebridge plugin for a simple web-based garage

It ensures that a device is created which automatically closes again after a specified time.

Unfortunately, since this is a rental house, I cannot attach any sensors to the gate.

How can I implement this in Homeassistant? I’ve searched the whole internet but I just don’t get it.