RF link cover (blinds)

RFlink has support for Brelmotor (doya) and Bofumotor.
I have three of those blind motors any chance to get it to work with HA?

I got it working, thanks


I have made my ALDOMO blind motors work with this code:

  - platform: rflink
        name: LivingBlind1

where 7834c7 is a unique code (from the remote I guess) and 21 is the number of the blind motor (I have 2 named 21 and 22). All this were captured with RFLinkLoader.

I believe cover.set_cover_position is not supposed to work with RF blinds so I try to emulate it with a script that starts the action (UP-DOWN) waits for some seconds and then the action STOP.

Still need to find a way to know the actual position of the blind or I can just get it UP/DOWN ,maximum and trigger the actions above from there.


You can’t to know the cover position from RFLink, but you can ‘calculate’ it.
There is a custom component that you can try if it works for you:

I has been a while, but maybe you remember the name of protocol for ALDOMO motor. I tried flashing my Sonoff RF bridge RFLink32 firmware, but it doesn’t work out of the box.