Rf-link via tcp not available

First, sorry for my bad english … I use homeassistant now in version 0.112.2. Before that i use for 433mhz device like pir sensor and gas detector, sonoff rf gate with firmware tasmota. With this solution im not satisfied. Then i build an rf-link gate from arduino mega connected to ESP 8266 (WEMOS D1) with firmware esp-link and connect to homeassistant via tcp connection. Thats work perfectly, but every five minutes (if isnt detected any motion) are esplink disconnect session (this is property of esp-link) homeassistant reconnected without problem but in time was hassio reconnect is binary sensor “not available”. It is good - when connexion lost - sensors not available … But this event is in logbook (all sensors via rflink) and is record in core log: — WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.rflink] disconnected from Rflink, reconnecting ---- every five minutes … i know the logger can be turned off but logbook is not pretty. Is interesting that if power off esp link, in logbook is not record “not available”. is it possible to solve this? and how?

I use this :

You can change the component’s log level, but you may miss some important message: