RF remote?

Hi, i want to trigger a device (socket) from a RF fob, i tried it with the sonoff rf bridge which does sort of work but is VERY slow to react, so i changed direction and set up an old sonoff t1 wall switch that has rf. got that working with a simple automation to trigger the socket but the remote lives in my pocket and the button keeps getting pressed accidentally. i changed the automation to ‘when turned off’, that way i need to press the remote button twice for the socket to be triggered but that still does not help much as the remote button can still get pressed by accident and then again an hour later by accident. ideally i would like to double press (or even triple press?) within a second or 2 before the socket gets triggered. i found and do use something similar in a blueprint for my ikea zigbee remotes which works great for them but i can not think of a way to achieve the same effect for the rf remote. any of you clever people got any ideas how i can achieve what i want please?

Not to worry, i guess i was a bit tired and not thinking straight last night :slight_smile: … realised now that i can and have got what i want using an automation with the ‘wait for’ trigger and the ‘else’ option. now i have to turn the switch on and then off again (with my rf remote or at the switch itself) within 2 seconds for it t trigger the socket on action.