RF switch to trigger event/script in HA


I’ve got a working HA environment and a relatively unique (I think, based on reading here) requirement that I’m trying to fill. Looking for either ideas I haven’t considered, or hardware that might work.

I have a Tuya-compatible switch for a light/fan in a bathroom, that replaces a previous RF-style switch for the light. The reason for the RF switch is the actual switch is located behind a cabinet, so it’s a pain to get to – I use the RF flush-mount switch on the side of the cabinet as you walk into the bathroom, which works well.

Now that I’ve wired in the new wifi switch, I’d still ideally like to trigger the on/off from the RF switch – it’s 433.92mhz, and I’m able to learn the switch in HA. What I can’t figure out is how to use the RF switch to trigger the wifi switch. I have a broadlink RM4Pro that can send the signal, but not receive it.

Two options I can think of:

  1. some sort of RF receiver that can receive the signal from the RF switch, trigger into HA and tell the wifi switch to turn on/off, or
  2. some sort of flush-mount wifi or zigbee switch (i.e. not something that goes into an electrical box) that can talk to HA and looks like a regular decora switch.

I have simulated this with a Sonoff Zigbee switch (WB01 I think?) and that works, but they don’t look like a typical light switch, and I’m trying to keep my HA setup as people-friendly as possible.

Any ideas/thoughts? Something simple I’m missing here, and I’m just overcomplicating?

Thanks for any advice / suggestions, relatively new to HA and having lots of fun with it.

Edit: Added photo in case it helps explain what I’m trying to do and why…

Sonoff have a RF bridge.
It is in two versions, the old RF Bridge is called RF Bridge 433 and it is black.
This version can flashed with Tasmota or ESPhome on the ESP chip and the RF chip can be flashed with Portisch making it able to receive and send a huge range of signals.
The new RF Bridge R2 is white and can also be flashed with Tasmota and ESPHome, but the RF chip can not be flashed with Portisch and this limits the signals it can receive and send, but it is not known if your devices will be usable or not with this new RF Bridge before you try it.
So if you want to go down this route, then try to get a Sonoff RF Bridge 433 (The black one) if you can.
They are not that expensive.

Thanks Wally – I’ve looked online to find the black one, but can’t find anywhere to purchase one. Any suggestions there?

I’m going to try the R2 one, I don’t think I’m likely to need it beyond this application, so if it works with these switches problem solved.

Either way thanks for the response and the direction on this. Much appreciated.


I have just bought an extra one myself, but the stock is dwindling fast.
I might know where you can get one in Denmark, but you might be somewhere else in the world. :slight_smile: