RF wall switches proper stateless configuration

I’m new to HA, and seems that my issue should be something very simple, but still could not find the solution.
I have configured successfully several RF wall lights switched through Broadlink.
However on HA dashboard they look like HA knows their state, while this not possible ofcourse, and once I switch them on and off manually, HA is out of synch.
My question is how to configure the switch on HA UI so it look stateless, some static bulb icon for example, with 2 buttons on and off, no state reflection.

Here is my configuration:



  • platform: broadlink
    host: !secret broadlink_host
    mac: !secret broadlink_mac
    timeout: 15
    friendly_name: “Living-room”
    command_on: !secret living_room_light_on
    command_off: !secret living_room_light_off
    friendly_name: “Dining”
    command_on: !secret dining_light_on
    command_off: !secret dining_light_off
    friendly_name: “Kitchen”
    command_on: !secret kitchen_light_on
    command_off: !secret kitchen_light_off
    friendly_name: “Serv. balcony”
    command_on: !secret serv_balcony_light_on
    command_off: !secret serv_balcony_light_off
    friendly_name: “Balcony”
    command_on: !secret balcony_light_on
    command_off: !secret balcony_light_off
    friendly_name: “Enterence”
    command_on: !secret enterence_light_on
    command_off: !secret enterence_light_off
    friendly_name: “Hall”
    command_on: !secret hall_light_on
    command_off: !secret hall_light_off
    friendly_name: “Bedroom”
    command_on: !secret bedroom_light_on
    command_off: !secret bedroom_light_off
    friendly_name: “Kids room”
    command_on: !secret kids_room_light_on
    command_off: !secret kids_room_light_off
    friendly_name: “Work room”
    command_on: !secret work_room_light_on
    command_off: !secret work_room_light_off


name: Lights
control: hidden
- switch.living_room_light
- switch.dining_light
- switch.kitchen_light
- switch.serv_balcony_light
- switch.balcony_light
- switch.enterence_light
- switch.hall_light
- switch.bedroom_light
- switch.kids_room_light
- switch.work_room_light

And here how it looks:

Thanks in advance.

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I’m in the same situation. The only thing that come to my mind is to do not create “light” entities. Just “binary sensors” for the controls and just automations. Then for the UI, need to create two buttons for each light… Seems a lot of work. Did you find a better solution ?

Well, that post was almost a year ago.
Since then a new type of WiFi wall switches came out, the ones that doesn’t require zero line. So I have been changing all of my RF switches to WiFi. Now I always know their real state.

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Waw. Do you have a link ? I’ve replaced a couple of RF with battery powered Zigbee + Zigbee switch in the roof… Not ideal… I’m very curious about the WiFi without neutral. Specially if they could talk directly to HA

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