RF2.4 - Control of LED light, replacing remote

Hi all,

I’ve bought a great LED light from the (whitelabeled?) brand ANTEN, which is capable of dimming and changing color-temperature (white colors only).
The light is controllable by a remote which seems to work in the RF2.4G range.

Being a techy, i’d like to control this device by home assistant offcourse. I’m not sure how to implement it however. To be prepared, i got hands on a NRF24L01+ module, and already have some ESP8266’s laying around. I’ve seen a lot of information about the ESP8266 hub for Mi-light devices (also on RF2.4G), which seem very compirable but not fully equal. I’ve also installed this on a ESP8266, but couldn’t succeed in connecting to the light yet.

Attached are several images of the light (driver) and the remote, could anyone help me/point me in the right direction to get this thing working, firstly with the ESP8266/NRF240L01+ ? The further integration from a running ESP8266 to Home Assistant shouldn’t be too hard.