RFlink 433 MHz device state persistance on reboot

I am using a RFlink device for switching some 433 MHz devices. As we all know 433 MHz devices are not acknowledging or reporting their state. So if a device is switched on and then HA is restarted (for activating new configuration) then the state is not known to the system anymore. In combination with the device not reporting its current state there is no way this can ever be solved without switching the device in HA again.
I am curious if there is a way to make HA save device states so they survive the reboot.

Hi Pats,
I worked on the implementation of the RestoreEntity capability for RFLink devices, but for some reason it was lost in some of the refactorings.
I have yet to review it, but between the fact that I have to redo my development environment and that I do not have too much time to devote to it, it is a bit stopped.

Currently, it had been implemented just for devices other than sensors (which are usually updated periodically and do not depend on the previous state).

I hope I can dedicate time and find the solution.


Hi @javicalle are you saying the code should be fine but you only need to review it? Is this something I can ask someone else to help? Or perhaps if you share the beta I could test it out?

Hi @pathia,
Yes, I was saying that this funtionality had already been added to RFLink devices, but was not working as expected (my fault) at the time you ask your question.
Since then I have made a PR fixing the bug that has been accepted and merged at v0.88. I just have checked that now RFLnk devices are working fine.:ok_hand:
So, if you are in v0.88.X, your RFLink devices should already restore the previous status, but keep in mind that just works for ‘no sensors’ devices: covers, lights and switches. :wink:

Yeah sure, I understand and that’s no problem. I was mainly concerned with switch states. I cannot test at the moment because I’m abroad but I will do so upcoming week.
Thank you so much for the amount of time you spent on this.

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