RFLink 868mhz


I’m looking for the right hardware to add an usb dongle or other device to my HA server to control a device that works on 868mhz (Niko Easywave buttons) .

I’ve been googling and searching the community and can’t find any reliable help or info. Can’t be the only idiot that has a device that uses 868mhz…

Thanks in advance!

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RFLink supports 868mhz devices, but it seems that these ‘Niko Easywave’ aren’t supported:

I have found this old reference about it that seems to indicate that it is not supported:

I can’t tell you if there are other options available.

yeah I already checked RFlink.
Is there an app or program that can copy the signal and then resend it with HA?

I don’t know of any program that does that.

RFLink has a function to ‘learn’ signals, but it needs to know the protocol that the signal uses:

Normally, unsupported devices are due to the fact that the protocol is not known or RFLink cannot implement it correctly.

For anyone interessed, I was able to add my remote with this tutorial:

Thanks to @progbite for writing it down!


Unfortunately, I directly installed Hass.io, so no chance for installing something on OS level, as far as I found. How to deal with this? I do not want to set up a second Raspi, just for using the RF Link.

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Correct, my repo uses a second Raspberry PI.
I need that because my Hass.io PI is 15 meters away and the radio signal doesn’t reach far enough.
Hass.io is Linux based, so technically it should be possible to install the RF code on the same PI.
But I’m not tech savvy enough to dig that deep. Give it a try and share.