RFLINK add sensor


I have integrated RFLINK and i’m able to integrate standard sensors (T° sensors)

I have an oregon UV sensor, but It is not recognized :

Logger: rflink.protocol
Source: runner.py:188
First occurred: 4:41:22 PM (2 occurrences)
Last logged: 4:42:34 PM

dropping invalid data: 020;03;Oregon UVN1x8;ID=EA10;UV=0000;BAT=LOW;
dropping invalid data: 020;06;Oregon UVN1x8;ID=EA10;UV=0000;BAT=LOW;

I tried to add manually but the data is not refreshed even if the entity is created :

  - platform: rflink
    automatic_add: true
          sensor_type: uv_intensity

Any Idea how to get the “0000” value for UV ?

Also debug mode for this component is providing nothing in the logs :slight_smile:

  default: warning
    rflink: debug
    homeassistant.components.rflink: debug


A few comments:

At debug level you must have a lot of log messages, a lot more.

These dropped messages don’t fit the RFLink parser. It expects something like 20;03;Oregon UVN1x8;ID=EA10;UV=0000;BAT=LOW; but is getting an extra zero (020).
Are just some of the messages from device or are all of them incorrect? Do you have any good read for this UV entity?

The config ID seems wrong to me. It must be something like Oregon_UVN1x8_EA10_uv or similar.

As you have the automatic_add: true in your RFLink configuration if there are no extra entities created from the device (like the battery) it must indicate that RFLink is not able to parse any message. It can be a problem in the device or in the parser, and nothing could be done from the HA side.

By the way, which RFLink version are you running?
There’s a recent v50 released.
Maybe you can check with a diferent RFLink version.


I have an old release I’ll update and check again

By the way, I tested and I was able to manage with RFXCOM this device (but not yet migrated the integration of this RfXCOM into HA)


I updated to v50 and used Oregon_UVN1x8_EA10_uv but still same issue

2024-01-07 13:32:26.919 WARNING (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] dropping invalid data: 020;4D;Oregon UVN1x8;ID=EA10;UV=0000;BAT=LOW;

any way to add this in the parser ?

Anyway, I think I will move to RFXCom which is much integrated into HA (integration UI) and able to recognize this device without issue

Not in HA. Is something for the rflink firmware or the rflink python library.
But it would not be something easy / quick to fix.