RFlink debug warnings filling the HA log. How to fix?

I’ve noticed since I rebuilt my RPi 3’s HA software that I have a LOT of debug warning error messages every day from RFlink (which is working fine for the sensors attached to it). The HA rebuild and the noticing might be a coincidence.
I tried the self help route, this was the best advice around below. But it did not stop the logs being listed.
I added this to the config.yaml to try block those warning level logs and leave higher level ones, did I not get that syntax right ?

  default: warn
    rflink: error
    homeassistant.components.rflink: error

A sample of a few of the errors in just over one hour.

dropping invalid data: 20;A2;Debug;RTS P1;aa1f9f8079981e532ccb;
2:04 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;93;Debug;RTS P1;abfe00079981e0cd4d33;
1:52 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;7A;Debug;RTS P1;ac060619ff8060d34ad55354ac;
1:25 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;6F;Debug;RTS P1;ad;
1:12 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;6C;Debug;RTS P1;ac667f807807e0d34ad5532cab;
1:10 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;62;Debug;RTS P1;a6ccffc03cfcc0a695aaa65a96;
1:01 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;52;Debug;RTS P1;a6ccccccfcc300a695aaaaaa69;
12:52 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;4C;Debug;RTS P1;ac666619fe01e0d34ad55352cc;
12:48 PM __main__.py (WARNING)
dropping invalid data: 20;36;Debug;RTS P1;ac;
12:24 PM __main__.py (WARNING)```

These warnings come from rifling (it should show you that in logs btw like

2019-07-19 18:16:27 WARNING (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] dropping invalid data: 20;00;Internal Pullup on RF-in disabled

so you don’t need the second string.
I have this on 0.95.4 and it barely shows me anything, no such warnings:

default: warning
  rflink: warning # to see things like "Internal Pullup on RF-in disabled"