RFLink devices disappear after restart


I have a problem with disappearing RFLink devices after a restart.
Devices are being found when I press a RF remote.
However I want to use them without the dependency of pressing a remote.
So after restart I can use the devices I configured.

With this in my config devices are auto added but only after remote control usage.

  - platform: rflink
    automatic_add: true
        name: SomeLight
        type: switchable

I want SomeSwitch to become usable without using remotes.

device “newkaku_xxxxxxxx_1” is the name which I retrieved from auto adding which is like “light.newkaku_xxxxxxxx_1”

Any ideas?

Somehow after adding a second device to the device list the devices showed up.
So for now never mind…

I have the same problem, a restart and then a switch disappeared from the list of devices! weird, havent resolved the problem yet

You need to add them manually to your .yaml, otherwise they are only rediscovered when the RF signal is detected.