Rflink sensor: aliases attribute is marked as deprecated, but what's alternative?


On the documentation page it says that aliases variable is deprecated.

I use that variable because sometimes when I recharge and replace batteries in my sensors, some of them are recognised by rflink with a slightly different id, i.e oregonv1_000c_temp instead of oregonv1_0002_temp.
What is the right way to go in order to pick up all those ‘different’ sensors that actually are the same without using the deprecated variable?

p.s I have one more sensor-related question that I presume a person familiar with rflink/homeassistant guts might answer - could anyone help? I would really appreciate it.


Hi Ahmad,
aliases variable is fine and you can (must) use.
aliasses is deprecated and must not be used.



Great, thanks for that.
I saw your rflink-related PRs and hope you understand what’s going on under the hood…
Could you advice me on that sensor-related question as well?