RFlink switches not visible after restart


I’m using a RFLink to connect to some cheap 433Mhz switches. It all works fine but after a restart the switches are not visible in the dashboard. Therefore I can’t trigger them. Once I;ve triggered a switch through the regular remote, it is shown in the dashboard. I thought this might be related to the fact that these device only support one-way communication. I added the devices to the customize.yaml and added a assumed_state so that home_assistant has a value to show for the switch. However, it still does not show up after a restart.

Anyone has a clue what I’m doing wrong? How do I make my devices persistant?

I understand that first you need to find your devices’ names.
You can do that by enabling rflink component in configuration.yaml and adding
lights: - platform: rflink
automatic_add: true

After restart rflink will start registering devices when you activate your switches.
Note down their names and declare accordingly in switch: section.
Then you can safely remove automatic_add and customise your switches however you want, they should be always there.


@AhmadK Is there a way to do this automatically?

Could you elaborate?

The fact that we need to manually edit configuration.yaml once discovery is completed

Well, only you know what devices are yours (because there is A LOT of RF devices around).
RFLink automatically adds them all and I believe it is possible to do the same, but can see no reason for that.
Note devices’ names, edit your config and off you go. Quick and easy.
Or am I missing something?

Ok, I understand. It’s just for me to understand Home Assistant philosophy, as I am new, coming from Domoticz world

Strictly speaking, it’s RFLink plugin philosophy as it’s a bit ‘tricky’ thing comparing to HA.
I’m currently use it only for sensors and migrated PIRs, RF switches/lights etc to OpenMQTTGateway as a bit more reliable and convenient solution.

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