RFX Comm Moving From Vera to HA Config help please

Moving from Vera to HA and struggling to setup my RFLightwave lights (it was simple in Vera just add a switch in the vera console then turn the light on to connect mode, then click the switch job done

Dont get me wrong I am loving HA and have already added zwave zigbee without too many issues

Plugged my transceiver in to RFX Manager to check AD Lightwave was enabled

Plugged in my transceiver to a usb on my Dell x86-64
Added the integration and it is now showing up in HA
Enabled automatic add
But HA is not finding any of my light Switches

I have read through various doc’s and in one youtube vid individual switches were shown in the integrations pages so they could be added but I cant seem to find them

there is an option to add via a event code but doing that is beyond me at the moment
I’m obviously doing something wrong or missing something is there an easy way of adding a light switch ?
Thank you for any help and replies