Rfxcom out of stock vs rflink

I’m about to automate my somfy rts blinds. Rfxcom seems to be the most popular solution. However the hardware is out of stock on the rfxcom website

and at most of the distributors.
Anybody has insight if RFXtrx433XL should be considered as an end of life product?

RFXtrx433XL, RFXtrx433E, rfxtrx, RFY, Rflink, bond

rflink is a cheaper and more open-source solution to can try. nodo-shop.nl sells them.

Latest rflink firmware is dated back to 2017. Latest website news is from 2019, so this does not looks vivid either. I saw there are a few polishing moves in HA lately. Do you know something going on beyond my superficial search?
I thought rfxcom is a bit more in the move. You know, I try to invest in something future proof if possible…