RFXtrx and Forest Blinds (T7)

I’m struggling a little bit with the configuration/integration of my Forest Blinds into Home Assistant. I can open and close them all at once, but do not know how to address them individually.

My hardware:

  • RaspberryPi 4 with Home Assistant
  • RFXtrx433XL (with latest firmware)
  • Forest Shuttle L
  • Forest Shuttle M

What I did to get the blinds working:
Used RFXCOM to get the command for Forest Blinds.

1-12-2021 11:24:12:209= Blinds command: 09 19 07 07 00 00 00 00 00 00 
Packettype    = BLINDS1
subtype       = Forest
Sequence nbr  = 7
id1-4         = 0000000 decimal:0
Unit          = All
Command       = Open
Signal level  = +10 dBm
1-12-2021 11:24:12:656= 0402010700
Packettype        = Receiver/Transmitter Message
subtype           = Transmitter Response
Sequence nbr      = 7
response          = ACK, data correct transmitted

Added the command as an ‘event code’ in RFXTRX configuration in HomeAsistant. And that allowed me to create cards in Lovelace with open, close and stop commands.

My question
How do I determine which blind has which ID so I can address them seperately?

What I tried
Running RFXCOM in receiving mode and try to capture the signal of the remote. No succes.
Running RFXCOM and triggering the pairing remote routine to capture that signal. No succes.
Later I noticed in the RFXtrx manual that the device can only transmit for BlindsT7 but not receive.
I tried to see what comes up in undecoded mode in RFXcom, but that was a bit to much for me. Could not recognize anything in it.

Pair a RFXtrx device as new remote to each motor using the Confirm command in RFXmngr. See also the Forest user guide how to add a new remote to the motor.

Use a random ID different from all zeroes.
Use for each motor a different Unit Code but the same ID.

You will be able to control each individual motor using the Unit Code and controll all at the same time using the Unit Code = All