RFXtrx - connecting to Grundig doorbell


I have a Grundig QH-831A doorbell set (1 doorbell + 2x chime) which uses 433MHz for wireless communication.
Recently I bought an Eufy video doorbell as a replacement, and I would like to link the button presses to my existing chime.
Already have the doorbell pressing available as a sensor entity in HA.
Is there anyway to ‘teach’ the rfxtrx433e the signals to send to the chimes?

I already tried using ‘enabled automatic add’ setting enabled and holdingmy doorbell close to the rfxtrx433e , but I haven’t been able to add it to HA this way.

I saw that RFLink supports the device, so I would expect that the RFXtrx can do it as well.
Anyone who has an idea on how to do so?