RFXtrx - connecting to Grundig doorbell


I have a Grundig QH-831A doorbell set (1 doorbell + 2x chime) which uses 433MHz for wireless communication.
Recently I bought an Eufy video doorbell as a replacement, and I would like to link the button presses to my existing chime.
Already have the doorbell pressing available as a sensor entity in HA.
Is there anyway to ‘teach’ the rfxtrx433e the signals to send to the chimes?

I already tried using ‘enabled automatic add’ setting enabled and holdingmy doorbell close to the rfxtrx433e , but I haven’t been able to add it to HA this way.

I saw that RFLink supports the device, so I would expect that the RFXtrx can do it as well.
Anyone who has an idea on how to do so?

Did you ever get this working? I am trying the same thing but no luck so far. The rflink is running the 1.48 fw.

Unfortunately not.
I ended up wiring the button to the gpio of the raspberry via an optocoupler to have the raspberry ‘press’ the doorbell button on command. It is not very elegant but at least the grundig chimes serve a purpose still.

The Rfxcom log does not say anything if you press the Bp on the doorbell?


No, you can only see some ‘raw’ messages passing when you press the doorbell, but it is missing a decoder for interpreting and transmitting the data.

You have the data type in hex, I will look if possible from the RFXCOM