RFXtrx Cover - how to control both up/down AND tilt for Somfy RFY blinds?

Somfy RFY Venetian blinds have two sets of up/down commands - <0.5 seconds and >2 seconds. Depending on the motor configuration one of them opens/closes the blinds and the other rotates the slats.

The RFXtrx Cover component works fine but seems to support only the <0.5 sec. commands. Is there a way to send >2 sec up/down commands, i.e the equivalent of holding the button on the original Somfy remote for >2 sec?

The RFXCOM RFXtrx device supports both commands. As an example, I have it set up with Domoticz where you have two types of covers - Venetian EU (sending <0.5 up/down) and Venetian US (sending >2 up/down).

I need to be able to both open/close the blinds, and tilt the slats. Does anyone have ideas how to achieve this with HASS?

Did you manage this? I have the same request. It doesn’t sound as if it is difficult to implement as it works from the rxfcom program

I’m also interrested in tilting my venetian blinds.
Any success on this?

I am trying to see if this is possible for the “My Position” which is supported by the RFXtrx but I can’t figure out a way to edit/add it in HA

Actually I found it in another thread I had to remove the following from the configuration.

signal_repetitions: 2