RFXTRX only getting sensor, switch wanted

Hi all,

I hope you can help me because it is getting me crazy. I have a cheap alarm system (chuango) relying on 433Mhz. I haven’t integrated it to HA yet. I would like to be able to arm and disarm remotely by sending the code sent by my remote to the panel. The issue I have is that when I press Arm Home/Away/Disarm in rfxtrx Automatic Add mode, I only get a sensor from the remote. The state is correct, i.e., when I arm using the remote, it’s in Armed mode, and so on. What I’d need is a switch, right ? I don’t see any.

Thank you.

Replying to myself as it seems I found the non solvable issue. Digging into RFXCOM’s doc, I realized that Chuango was indeed listed but as follows :

Chuango, protocol Lighting 4, decoded as X10, and a row of R which basically means receive only and no transmission possible.

There’s no further solution so how to change the title of this thread, it’s nor solved, nor closed, but a dead end ? (although I will consider a switch with a sms to arm, but it would be another topic)