Rfxtrx.send event code


I’m trying to get my sunscreen work with home assistant.
Unfortunately i won’t work.

If I push the button of the remote control of the sunscreen, Home Assistant recognize it and it has been added in the rfxcom integration.

If I try to send something:
service: rfxtrx.send
event: ‘0716000400550670’
I see a blinking light on the RFXCom device.

Maybe i’m using the wrong event code, but i don’t now how to fix it. Maybe somebody could help me :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!

My (limited) experience …
When you trigger the learning of the remote with rfxcom, you push the button and HA stores the device. You can then just trigger the entities that belong to the device, I have (till now) never needed to enter codes or so.
Example for my somfy garage, this is what was loaded afetr I clicked two (!) buttons of my rf remote.
However, only the encircled one actually opens/closes the door (clickon/clickoff)

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Thank you for your reply,

It’s only visible as a sensor, and detects the status when i push the button. Like it’s a doorbell.


The SEAV TXS1 remote has only one button:

The SEAV TXS1 is not supported by the RFXtrx.
SEAV TXS4 is supported for transmit and maybe this can be used. See chapter 7.11 in the RFXtrx User Guide.
Another option could be to use RAW data. See chapter 16 for an explanation.

use RFXmngr to test

Thank you for your reply.
I see, i’m also using a RFXtrx433…
For the SEAV TXS4 i need the Ext2 firmware, only available for the RFTtrx433E.

Is this right? Or is there still another solution?

I’m sorry, the very old RFXtrx433 does not support SEAV and RAW data due to the limited memory in this device. The current RFXtrx433XL can do both.

Hey there!

Please, can you or someone else tell me how to trigger the learning of the remote?
I have a RFXCOM XL and a Came RF gate opener. I’ve gotten so far that I can toggle the gate via rfxmngr. But I have absolutely no idea how to get it to work in Hassio… I don’t have the ‘automatically add’ working either.

Who can help me? :slight_smile:

Am not home now and a while ago … but from memory… via rfxmanager you can set this, you can then see if something is being read on its screen whilst pushing a button.
Then in HA you can allow HA to accept new ones or not… recommendation to NOT set this on by default except when you really want to add…plenty of people ending up with dozens/hundreds of apparatus from the neighbors

Does anybody know how to sent RAW codes?

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It’s an old post but would like to know the same thing.