RFXtrx Switch: Device ID keep changeing


I have a lot of Nexa LWST-605 2-button switches. I have used these in Domoticz a long time before without any problems, but after I changed to Home-Assistant they don’t. The problem are, well, they work perfect, but each time I restart home-assistant the device ID change. So they are in practice useless.

I clicked the right and the left button and Home-Assistant recognised them as 0b1100d801365c2e0b010f70 and 0b1100e601365c2e0c000060. So I configured them in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: rfxtrx
    automatic_add: True
      0b1100d801365c2e0b010f70: #17 Stue - Bryter Venstre 
        name: rfxtrx_17_a      
      0b1100e601365c2e0c000060: #17 Stue - Bryter Høyre
        name: rfxtrx_17_b

Then I restarted Home-Assistant and clicked the buttons again, now they appears as 0b1100090134ff060b000060 and 0b1100100134ff060c000060

Can anyone help me here? I use the RFXtrx433E USB HA controller.
I am at the last version of Hass.io running on ubuntu server (on esxi), but the problem has been unsolved for a long time.

Well, after some troubleshooting I see that the switches do not change ID if I add them under “swich:”

  • platform: rfxtrx
    automatic_add: False
    0b11002901365c2e0b000060: #17 Stue - Bryter Venstre
    name: rfxtrx_17_a
    0b11003501365c2e0c000060: #17 Stue - Bryter Høyre
    name: rfxtrx_17_b
    0b11003d013643d60b000060: #18 Soverom - Bryter Venstre
    name: rfxtrx_18_a
    0b110047013643d60c000060: #18 Soverom - Bryter Høyre
    name: rfxtrx_18_b
    0b11000a0134ff060b000050: #38 Stue/Sofa - Bryter Venstre
    name: rfxtrx_38_a
    0b11001a0134ff060c000040: #38 Stue/Sofa - Bryter Høyre
    name: rfxtrx_38_b

But how can I display the state in the GUI? If i add them they don’t display, not in normal UI and not in lovelace
EDIT: forgot to put switch. before entity name, works now

I’m experiencing the very same issue. I wonder if you ever solved the case above. I don’t have 433 switches but a weather station and it is really annoying and useless to see that id change all the time.