Rfxtrx to send a raw package

Hi All,
I have a rfxcom to receive and transmit RF signals and I would like to open a garage door via Home Assistant. I tried to use the param automatic_add: true, but HA doesn’t spot it when a press the button in the remote.
On the RFXmngr only captures the signal if I check undec on and I’m able to reproduce the signal and open the door with RFXmngr triggering a raw package as explained in the rfxcom guide point 16.
Is there a way to give this raw data to HA? if not, how can I setup HA to use the same “DIPs” as the remote control

Thanks in advance

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Is this ‘automatic_add’ a switch or a cover?

I tried with both, nothing added.

Hi, did you ever solve this problem?

No, I didn’t. It’s seem a easy/trivial operation of the rfxcom…

I ended up calling the rfxcmd python scripts from nodered, which is working for me…

Could you give details how to do it?

Do I understand correct, you are able to record RF sequence and then open your garage door with it? If so, your garage door receiver/remote pair use a fixed code, not rolling code protocol. It can be a serious security risk, as anyone can sniff the code sent by your remote and open your garage door.

Are you using nodered?

Correct!, I was already aware of it. It is a shared gate which you can even jump, bit keeps kids away.

No, I don’t. But if you have a solution with nodeRed will install it :relaxed:, can you share?

Did you ever get this solved Kazuki?

I’ve tried to go the NodeRed way, but I didn’t get much further since I got this error:
Failed to install: node-red-contrib-rfxcom

No, I haven’t solve it. It really seems trivial, but we need someone with the knowledge and the time to implement it.