Rfxtrx : Trust Smart Home APIR-2150 Wireless MovementSensor not working

I am new to HA, I have a domoticz running, and am now installing a HA raspberry. After a lot of searching I got my remotes & switches running.

Only the APIR 2150 does not seem to integrate correctly. If I move the hardware switch to SET … It appears ( most of the time ) as a switch. But only the ‘OFF’ seems to be detected … The ‘ON’ seems to be logged as an ‘OFF’.

Rfxtrx ( rfxcom-xl )

I also tried to define it as sensor, but that seems NOK.

Thx 4 any advice & experiences.


Solved by flashing the rfxtrx with their latest release of may 2019 (1039). Autodiscovery now detects learn and del as on and off.