RFXTRX update the componet with avalable Data Types

The “driver” (pyRFXtrx) for HA RFXTRX comonent have many more Data types available.

Can the:

Be updatet with data types from:

E.g. changed to this?

DATA_TYPES = OrderedDict([

(‘Temperature’, TEMP_CELSIUS),

(‘Temperature2’, TEMP_CELSIUS),

(‘Humidity’, ‘%’),

(‘Barometer’, ‘’),

(‘Wind direction’, ‘’),

(‘Rain rate’, ‘’),

(‘Energy usage’, POWER_WATT),

(‘Total usage’, POWER_WATT),

(‘Sound’, ‘’),

(‘Sensor Status’, ‘’),

(‘Counter value’, ‘’),

(‘UV’, ‘uv’),

(‘Humidity status’, ‘’),


(‘Forecast numeric’,’’),

(‘Rain total’, ‘’),

(‘Wind average speed’, ‘’),

(‘Wind gust’, ‘’),

(‘Chill’, ‘’),

(‘Total usage’, ‘’),

(‘Count’, ‘’),

(‘Current Ch. 1’, ‘’),

(‘Current Ch. 2’, ‘’),

(‘Current Ch. 3’, ‘’),

(‘Energy usage’, ‘’),

(‘Voltage’, ‘’),

(‘Current’, ‘’),

(‘Battery numeric’, ‘’),

(‘Rssi numeric’, ‘’)])

good morning, I am interested in this topic, how can I integrate it into hassio in docker