RFXtrx433XL & Kerui D026 - Behaves different as the RFXtrx433E

Currently this configuration leads to following problem:

The “open/close” events will end up as a “Security1” device in the “rfxtrx.sensor” section. Which mean that they only get updated every 30 seconds, because it’s a polling sensor.
The “Battery-Low” event is a binary sensor of the type “Lighting4”. Which switches immediately.

So I get informed instantly if the battery is low, but that the door is opened I only get every half minute. This isn’t good :wink:

This only occurs with the XL transceiver and not the E type of RFXtrx433 (there every event is “Lighting4” and a binary sensor).

The messages from the transceiver are all instantly logged. My request would be that the behavior of the XL receiver is like the E one.

Disable the X10 protocol and enable only Lighting4 to receive Kerui as Lighting4 sensor.

Dang it… I was 100% sure I tried that.
I got it to work now.


Hi all. i have a couple of d026 sensors. Has anyone managed to get the battery low working in HA?