RGB and WHITE Channels at the samte time

Already for a while I’m trying to control an RGBWW Light (First it was a Tuya RBGCCW E27 buld) in the way that i can use the white channels at the same time as the RGB channels. Now the problem got more serious as I’m building a custom light for a customer using an rgb light strip in one part and a white wone on an other part. As I was hoping there would be a solution with scenes, scripts or whatever to use white and rgb channels simultaneously but unfortunately I can’t come up with any solution as it seems to be blocked in homeassistant and not on the device itselb ( I Currently use a Tuya Zigbee Controller Zigbee-01-5CH)
Does somebody have a solution to this? I can’t understand why this should be generally blocked as the hardware supports it using the proprietary apps.
Thanks for your attention! I’m looking forward to a solution!