RGB Color Flow "scene" on RGB LED (Tuya / LIDL)

Hope this is the right subtopic here.
I am using the Lidl Livarno Lux HG06106C E27 RGB LED in combination with ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) and the Conbee II.
The LED RGB name:

In the LIDL App I was able to start a color flow. How can I achieve this in Home Assistant?

Is this a scene or a script? Is there kind of an example or a template for color flow?

I tried it with yaml:

But random seems not to work.

It looks like that the device understands these commands:

'brightness_decrease', 'brightness_increase', 'flash', 'toggle', 'turn_off', 'turn_on'

How can I find out which commands are supported by a device for scripting? I got these commands by an error message but couldn’t find a place there to get a list of supported commands for each device.

I have the same problem using the TS0505A LED Band. This has great effects (colormaps) using the Tuya App oder Lidl Smart Home App in combination with Tuya Gateway. But using ZHA I only can change the color. How to get the colormap running.

At the Zigbee2MQTT page I found a section about “Transitions”. => TuYa TS0505A control via MQTT | Zigbee2MQTT

But how to get this transitions be running using Zigbee Home Automation??