RGB LED dimmer via MySensors not working correctly

Running MySensors 2.0 on an ethernet gateway. Have several devices (temp/hum sensor, doorbell) working and appearing in HA correctly. Now I’m trying to get my RGB LED strips working. I know the hardware works, because I used it via mysensors 1.4 on a Vera system. When I re-wrote the sketch for 2.0 and tried to get it working in HA… here’s what I get…

In HA, I see 4 switches. That’s sorta correct - there should be 3 dimmer channels and a switch that triggers a lightshow. However, clicking any of the switches does nothing.

I then fired up the MySController software on my windows machine to see what the gateway is showing. On there, I correctly see the dimmer channels and can send levels to them and they work. So it’s strictly something with how they show up in HA. When I click in HA, nothing is appearing in MySController, so I don’t think HA is sending any commands.

Please post your sketch and a debug level log from home assistant after start with mysensors related lines.